Resolution making begins

Well it’s that time of year where we are attacked by images of getting fit, organized, and balanced and pondering what will be our resolution.

It’s funny because for years I have said I would vow not to make a resolution, but year after year I find myself kick starting the end of each year with something a new. It is a natural transition, a great way to reset. A time to look at old habits and see how we can change and grow.

So because I am all about transition and not being smacked in the face by things. I have taken the whole month of December to start my reset.  I cleansed before the rush of the holidays, listened to ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and have been working to get my finances in order. So once again I am coming towards this new year with resolutions.

I could go on and on about my list of resolutions, but then I might feel the stress of holding myself to them. Hence why I hate the “resolution” tradition to begin with.  I can confidently say that I will laugh, dance, eat and have joy for the year of 2017.

As I said in my previous post our family is working on tidying our home. Purging categories of stuff little by little. I am really excited for this cleanse, but I sit here today with a nasty head cold and no energy looking at all the things I could be doing that my body is resisting. Even just my weekly laundry feels like to much to handle. Hence a drawing of me just sitting on my couch.

I really want this “stuff” cleanse to happen fast and get the feeling I am envisioning. A feeling where each room only has what we need and what gives us joy. Now I stated last time that this might take 6 months, but today I feel so impatient and overwhelmed.

Then it got me thinking. This is the failure of the “resolution”. We see all these images of fit bodies, clean homes, zen balanced atmospheres and think, “that’s it!” “That’s what I want”…then we get into it with new classes, new ideas, and then hiccups arise. Hiccups like sickness or life changing events and then we loose sight and patience. The feeling of the immediate gratification wears off and we fall back into some habits we just keep holding onto.

So go into 2017 on your new surfboard and ride that wave. Ride it as best as you can. Know that you might fall off and loose the wave, but they will be there when you are ready. Have patience, cause sometimes the waves are not there when you need them or want them. They eventually come and you can get on that board and ride as best as you can. Enjoy the moment when you are riding those waves, embrace the feeling you receive, and know you may fall again.

Happy New Year to you all! May it be filled with health, happiness, and harmony!!!❤❤❤❤❤

One comment on “Resolution making begins

  1. I know how you feel I am doing the same looking at putting away Christmas decorations but not getting much done at least you are doing art which I love /the leg and chair ❤️

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